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 IDG attempted a  reverse domain name hijacking of this site. (2000)  It failed.   e Infoworld  is about information. This is my site and my story of fighting to keep it. I used no lawyers, but I used the law.

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IDG does not own Reverse domain hijacking failed. See entire story on this site: taking on a corporate law firm and winning. No lawyers. You never know what you can do until you try.

This is If you are looking for you need to go here. We are in no way associated with ; Infoworld Media Group, Inc.; InfoWorld Magazine; or International Data Group, Inc (IDG).



I wasn't' very happy when IDG attempted to take my domain name in 2000 and now I see they have published The Dummies Guide to Domain Names.(IDG owns the Dummies series).  I wonder if they use themselves as a case study. 

We like books, we like information. Here's some of my sites:

Is there a narcissist in your life? Information and help is available at NARCISSISTIC ABUSE.

Do you know any vegetarian kids? COWS ARE VEGETARIANS is for them.

DIVORCING?  Planning and information can save you from a nightmare. Available on this site: DIVORCE: THE REAL TRUTH, THE HIDDEN DANGER, Surviving Deception, Betrayal and Narcissism

A narcissistic woman in your life? Narcissistic Women



Information on the Net
Another gift from the Drudge family,this is from Matt's dad. Awesome fact filled site with links to hundreds of places for tons of information. Also includes a Facts Search Desk.
Even if security and privacy aren't a main concern, go to this site anyway for a fascinating demo on what is learned about your internet connection everytime you visit a site
Easy to use currency converter, updated every minute.
There's no describing the vast amount of things you can learn how to do on this site. You just have to go there and find out how much you don't know!
Just click on the state and find out how to get birth and death records from that state. Interesting collection of related links.
urban legends and computer virus myths. Want to check out the latest email that swears Bill Gates just announced a virus or a little boy needs your emails? Save bandwith and check out this page.

The fight for this domain name, was an intellectual property fight. IP attorneys quoted me $50,000 retainer  to begin work on the case. That's a fight about property, not intellect. I did it myself. A domain name as intellectual property?  What is the future of the Internet and IP? Read Sam Vaknin "The Revolt of the Poor and The Demise of Intellectual Property"